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Free hosting for static pages in Firebase

When we have a project in Firebase, we can take advantage of one of the features it offers to host static web pages. This is the Firebase Hosting service. On this occasion I will use a concrete example so that you can see a practical use case of Firebase hosting [...]

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Create mobile applications easily with Flutter

Currently, the ecosystem of multiplatform mobile application programming is focused on React Native, but lately there has been a competitor that is not negligible and is giving much talk, it is Flutter, the Google SDK to develop cross-platform mobile applications and that it allows developers to create applications for iOS and [...]

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JavaScript with React

Following the series of articles on React, today we are going to focus on JavaScript. [If you missed it here you have my first introduction article to React] Since its creation in 1995, JavaScript has evolved a lot. The changes are currently managed by the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) [...]

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Increase the visibility of your business on the Internet with Google My Business

Previously I mentioned another technique to attract visitors to your website based on creating a landing page, but today we will focus on another technique in the field of social networks: Google My Business. Google My Business is a platform that Google launched in June 2017 to act as a [...]

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