Free hosting for static pages in Firebase

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When we have a project in Firebase, we can take advantage of one of the features it offers to host static web pages. This is the Firebase Hosting service. On this occasion I will use a concrete example so that you can see a practical use case of Firebase hosting when developing an app. Imagine that we are developing an app and we are usimg Firebase as a backend, or just to have usage statistics for that app. When the time comes to publish our app in the Apple Store, we realize that Apple asks us for a URL with the application's privacy policy. That's when we can take advantage of Firebase hosting to host a simple web page with our privacy policy. Let's see how! First of all we are going to create our simple website, a privacy policy page in our case, but you can create an entire static website if you want. In our case we have a single page called legal.html. Web | - public | - legal.html On the [...]